About Us

The Westport Youth and Recreation Commission is an advisory board to the Town of Westport Board. The Youth Commission is supported by Essex County Youth Bureau, the State of New York and the local community. We offer a broad range of activities that help develop children’s character, self confidence, leadership and physical skills.

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Current Westport Youth Commission Members:

Ed Mason, Director (2015-present)

Ed has been involved in coaching and on multiple community Boards for the past 25 years. He has been a Baseball Coach for the (5-6) Westport team for the past 6 years. His passion for young, budding athletes and focus on their positive development of athletic skills, teamwork, self-confidence, and positive representation of Westport within Essex County has and shall remain his number one priority. “I sincerely believe that it is not an option, rather an obligation, to invest in our youth in a positive manner, with the ultimate goal of enriching the players’ character and positive growth of our Town and Community.” It is a pleasure to Direct this wonderful Board of Directors to that end! It takes a Village…and we have all the right resources. Onward and upward!


Bridgette Blemel (2006-present)

Meredith King, (3/2011 – ) is a life long resident of the Westport-Elizabethtown Community. She currently lives in the village of Westport with two children who attend Westport Central School and participate in Youth Commission programs. She is employed as a Registered Nurse by the Elizabethtown Community Hospital serving in many roles throughout her tenure at the hospital such as Nurse Manager of the Emergency Department and has served as Project Manager / Nurse Manager in development of new services (Chemotherapy and Cardiac Rehabilitation).


Nancy Page, Liaison to the Town Board

Traci Ploufe

Heather Reynolds grew up in Essex and attended Willsboro Central School. She has two associate degrees from Clinton Community College and is taking courses towards a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. She is employed by Essex County Public Health Department as a Registered Nurse in charge of quality assurance and staff training. I have lived in Westport since 2005 and plan to remain here indefinitely. She is a mother of two little girls, Grace, and Claire years old and married to David Reynolds, who is currently the (K-2) Coach.

Fabienne Rossi

Sue Russell, Liaison to the School Board

Ellie Schwoebel, (2013- ) Student Member

Jeff Schwoebel (2000 to present)

Steve Viens, Liaison to the Town Board.

Former Youth Commission members (THANKS!)

Holly Mitchell (2005-2010); Sheera Broderick (2006-2012); Alexa Mitchell (2010-2012), Delaney Sears (2010-2012), Allison Sherman (2010-2012), Karen Keech (2011-2012),Rachel Abrahamsen (2012 -2013), Charlotte Staats (2012-2013)