UPDATE to Lake Placid Biddy Soccer Tournament THIS Saturday, October 3, 2015

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE 2 ADDITIONAL GAMES for the Westport 2 Team (5-6) at the Lake Placid Tournament, ADDITIONAL to the schedule attached. The Westport (5-6) team will be field 2 teams and the additional games will be held on Field 9 for the (5-6) Westport 2 team at 12:00 pm versus Willsboro and on the same field for the Westport 2 Team versus Lake Placid mixed team at 12:30pm. Matt Storey will be dividing up the teams into Westport 1 and Westport 2. Please see Matt at the Tournament for further information.



Attached, please find the schedule for the Lake Placid Biddy Soccer Tournament to be hosted by Lake Placid, starting at 9am at the Horse Show Arena. SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION. This tournament will NOT include Westport Kindergarteners. The way the Tournament is set up is not like the Camp Dudley Tournament. The LP Tourney has a separate K class competing and Westport does not have enough Kindergarteners to field a team. Therefore the Kindergarteners will not be included in this Tournament. However, we strongly encourage their support to cheer on their teammates at the (1-2) level. Please review the schedule and if you have any questions, please contact Ed Mason, WYC Director on 518.225.9772. Also, for ALL Westport teams that are competing, please arrive at the LP fields by 8:30am. The Tournament begins at 9a.m. More than anything, have FUN and enjoy another fun Saturday outside playing biddy soccer with your friends!!