Biddy Soccer Sign-ups AND Practice to begin August 20th from 6-7pm

As our wonderful Summer Program winds down, the WYC Board has already created the sign-up date and first practice for the 2019 Biddy Soccer Program. The sign-up date will be TUESDAY, August 20th behind the Westport Central School from 6-7. Parents/Guardians can sign up their players with Ed Mason and some Board Members while their players practice with their coaches. As of now, the Coaches for 2019 with be (K-2) Morgan Conley and Candy Goff. (3-4) Dana Marshall and Ashley Duke, (5-6) David Napper, Adam Perry, David Reynolds. The PRACTICE schedule has been posted on our Google Calendar and all practices, unless otherwise noted, will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7pm at WCS. The Game Schedule 2019 Soccer Rules AND Athletic Code of Conduct areĀ as follows:


Also, on sign up day for Soccer, the Registration for ALL sports or activities for 2019-20 will be available to sign up once for the whole year! Please discuss with your child. Lastly, please bring a copy of your players immunization records pursuant to the requirements of the NYS DOH. This is mandatory since the measles potential epidemic has increased at an alarming rate. Your player will NOT be able to participate until his/her records are presented and placed into the WYC Binder. Contact your physician or the school nurse, if on file. If you have any questions, please contact Ed Mason, Director on 518.225.9772. Thank you in advance!

As with any sport or season, Westport has done and exceptionally job of POSITIVELY representing our Town within this Essex County League. I have had dozens of people approach me over the years to make it a point of how well our players and parents/Guardians/Community carry ourselves at practices and games. Please continue to represent our Town the same as we always have in this upcoming season!