2018 Biddy Soccer sign-ups and first practice on 8-21-18

The sign-ups and first practice of the 2018 Biddy Soccer Season will be held at the Westport Central School from 6-7:30pm on Tuesday, August 21st for ALL levels (k-2), (3-4), and (5-6). The coaches for this years teams will be (K-2) Morgan Conley and Candy Goff. The (3-4) team will be coached by Ashley Duke and Dana Marshall, and the (5-6) Team will be coached by David Reynolds, David Napper, and Adam Perry. The following is the schedule for the PRACTICES and also a schedule of the GAMES for this season.

The dates will be on our Facebook page and on our Google Calendar as well as in weekly news notes from the WCS each Friday. PLEASE CONTINUE TO CHECK ALL for any and all changes due to weather or other reasons. If you have any questions, please contact Ed Mason, Director on 518.225.9772.


2018 PRACTICE SCHEDULE:2018 Practice Schedule

We are all looking forward to another great season of Biddy Soccer!!