WYC EVENTS during the week beginning October 1st

There will be no “official” Biddy Soccer Games this week. However, on Saturday evening, October 7th, ALL Biddy Teams have been invited to participate in an exhibition game during the half-time of the Griffin Boy’s Varsity Game at ELCS. Specifically, all levels of the Westport Biddy Soccer teams will play at about 6:40pm. Paul Buehler ( Athletic Director ) from ELCS has invited our Biddy Soccer Team to participate for the second year. If interested, please arrive at the soccer field behind ELCS at 6:15pm and see Coach David Reynolds or Coach Kristen Carothers. This is a fun even and as always, our Biddy Players always make our Town proud in how well they conduct themselves on and off the field. If you have any questions, please call Ed Mason on 518.225.9772.